dropout kickstarter

ANNOUNCEMENT! This Summer I am working on an amazing project with an incredible team.

In a nutshell: it’s called “DROPOUT” and it’s an 8-episode comedy webseries about a 17-year-old who decides to quit high school. The showrunner is Susie Y., the upsettingly young mind behind two hilarious seasons of 101 Ways To Get Rejected. The directors are Zach Siegel and AJ Frydman, two wonderfully talented professionals. And the producers are outrageously attractive Shelby Malone, Tina M Dion and myself (I purposefully included myself in the outrageously attractive bunch, I know).

YES, this is another Kickstarter campaign, and NO, we are not serious people. But we are fun people, and we believe we can entertain you with a whole season of original content.

We love you all and every little bit helps, you know the drill! Donate right now to gain access to R-Rated Snapchats from the cast and crew.

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